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Extended multimedia guide for exhibitions

GuideNow is a dynamically expandable, easy-to-use, complex multimedia guide system. You can quickly and simply access information and contents available at exhibitions on your own usual smart device. You no longer have to queue and adapt to old-fashioned audio guides. Our interactive audio guide gives you a more comfortable, personal and engaging experience, as you can visit exhibitions at your own pace, according to your interest. Audiovisual and multimedia content may contain text, sound, photo, 360-degree image, or even animation, video and 3D models. GuideNow makes your museum adventure much more memorable, enjoyable and superior.

View what GuideNow offers!





Virtual Reality Application to present prehistoric wildlife


View how ArcheoVR works in PécsZoo!

Put on your VR-glasses and take a deadly thrilling ride through ancient landscapes and oceans. This VR mobile app allows you to time-travel in 12 different prehistoric era, and get lost among typical ancient animals of the region.
With ARcheoVR app, you can explore how giant dinosaurs, reptiles and other beasts roam about freely in the ancient Carpathean Basin. 


Augmented Reality Application to visualize primeval animals in 3D


See how ARcheoZoo app vivifies ancient animals at the Mecsek Science Adventure Centre.

This AR mobile app lets you to explore prehistoric animals which lived only in the Carpathean Basin millions of years ago. If you go around PécsZoo, you can see 10 special signs (markers) on the information boards. Download ARcheoZoo app! After the markers have been successfully scanned, life-sized virtual 3D models of ancient animals will come to alive, so that you can walk around them, "stroke" them, or you can even shoot a selfie with them.



Multimedia mobile app for magazines extended with Augmented Reality


Our multimedia application can not only be expanded with Augmented Reality, but can also be customized to any magazine flexibly. You can browse both the latest articles and the previous editions. You can even order them. Those materials that have not been published in the printed version are also available for you. If you direct your cell phone’s camera to certain images, you can view freely movable, interactive three-dimensional models of objects, people and landscapes. In the version which has been developed for the Földgömb magazine, you can admire the lifelike spatial images of impressive crystal structures and hear how the winner of a children's drawing competition comments on her work. As you can see, the multimedia content displayed by our application stretches the framework of traditional journalism and dissemination.

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